Tina McKinnor for State Assembly 2022


COVID-19 Recovery

COVID has had a devastating impact on our community, especially frontline workers and people of color. I support the extension of COVID sick days and support for businesses that are struggling to recover. I will work to ensure that we have the resources to stay safe including access to vaccines and rapid testing. The stress of the pandemic has also created an unprecedented rise in the need for mental health care. I support insurance coverage for telehealth and copayment waivers to ensure LA County residents can get the help they need.

Housing is a Human Right

The homelessness crisis in Los Angeles County is a moral failing and a crisis that requires an “all hands on deck” approach. We must address rising rents, short-term rentals, and the lack of affordable housing. I will oppose efforts to criminalize homelessness and will support more resources for mental health services and substance abuse support. I support the state incentivizing new home building, public and social housing, and rent control. I support stronger tenant protections including eviction protections.

Justice for All

I support reforms for people who are currently incarcerated and services for the formerly incarcerated who are reentering society. I also support efforts to reduce the number of people who are incarcerated. I will work to provide funding for mental health treatment, employment services and access to education. I advocated for SB 2 because I believe in police accountability. 

Equity in the Cannabis Industry

I supported Prop 64, which legalized cannabis statewide, but more can be done to increase the equity of the cannabis industry. Large corporations are making huge profits while communities of color are not able to access this new growing industry. I support efforts to close illegal marijuana shops and to increase social equity and minority ownership of licensed cannabis businesses.

Protecting the Environment

Los Angeles County has a history of pollution, which has a disproportionate impact on low-income and Black and Brown communities. I support funding that invests in new infrastructure that ensures equitable and sustainable development, housing near transit, public green spaces, broadband access, and EV charging stations. I will fight for resources that will help transition land use away from oil fields to increase open spaces. I will stand with communities against neighborhood oil drilling while protecting oil workers transitioning to new economies. 


Health and Healthcare

Health care costs continue to rise, and that can spell financial disaster for Los Angeles County residents. High costs can discourage people from seeking necessary medical care, turning manageable health issues into emergencies. I am an advocate for access to affordable, preventative healthcare. I support single-payer healthcare and will explore all opportunities to fund it while protecting every patient’s right to choose their healthcare providers.

Public Education

Public education is one of the cornerstones of our community. I am a proud product of public schools, and I am committed to ensuring every student, from early childhood through college, has access to free, world-class education. I support universal pre-K education, student loan forgiveness, and competitive wages and benefits for educators. I also support state funding for career and technical education opportunities in state schools. 

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